2011 November – Lose Weight Stories

If you are looking for how to lose belly fat naturally, you have to get into the mindset of what that means., So often today we mistake supposed “natural” things for actually being natural when they are not. If you prepare your food from scratch, that is one way to eat naturally and know what you are putting into your system.

We develop belly fat in the first place by certain hormones in our body becoming deregulated. That means that they are not being used properly. When this happens, your body becomes overloaded and tends to store the energy you put into it as fat around your belly.

If you look around, you will see the many ways our environment has become toxic to us. This is not only from the foods that w eat, but also from the air that we breathe and the cleaning products that we use, as well as from industrial sources.

Did you know that belly fat is one of the ways your body reacts to toxins? Many people think that belly fat is simply the result of eating too much. It is true that if you eat more calories than your body can process that you will build up fat. But more and more today, scientists are finding a link between belly fat and toxins.

Fat is a way for your body to store poisons that it cannot break down. Fat cells create a protective layer that keeps the toxins from entering the bloodstream and poisoning us or killing us. It is actually acting to help us protect ourselves. They are also discovering that fat is also linked with the immune system and it protects us from pathogens and diseases.

So if you are wanting to lose belly fat naturally, you should look to removing toxins from your diet and environment. You should also make your body as healthy as it can be. A healthy body does not need to store fat.

One way to lose belly fat naturally is to drink plenty of clean, pure water. Water is the giver of life, it is essential, and our bodies are over 70 percent water. Water can help flush out all kinds of bad things from your body. The less toxic your body is, the less it will hold on to fat. Water is a great way to help keep your toxic load down.

Another way to lose belly fat naturally is to use natural sweeteners like stevia. Stay away from artificial sweeteners. This will keep you from gaining belly fat.

Finally, if you want to lose belly fat naturally, stop buying pre-processed food and start cooking your own food. Yes, it takes more time but it is worth it. So many people spend hundreds of dollars a month on supplements but then eat unhealthy, processed food. This will not help you lose belly fat naturally.

Remember, natural food is the way to go when you are wanting to know how to lose belly fat naturally. Naturally, it’s that simple.

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