How to Get Rid of Belly Fat For Men

Are men different from women? Yes, they are. And this holds true too when it comes to the issue of losing belly fat. There are differences in the ways that men and women create and store belly fat, as well as differences in the way they get rid of it. There are many guys out there who want to know how to get rid of belly fat for men.

The Mayo Clinic has done a lot of research on this subject, and found that men tend to deposit fat around their bellies a Loretta more than women. This is why you see so many males today looking like oranges on toothpicks, with little skinny legs and a balloon-like middle.

However, don’t lose hope. Because the male metabolism functions differently than that of women, it may actually be easier and faster for men to get rid of belly fat than women. Often, the female body will have a tighter hold on belly fat than the male body, which is frustrating but just one of those frustrating facts of life to deal with.

So if you are wondering how to get rid of belly fat for men, a good place to start is to cut excess calories. Now, make no mistake, you are not going on a starvation diet. That could backfire in a big way, causing pounds to be added on instead of dropped, and making it harder to lose weight in the future. So, just cut out excessive amounts of calories.

Secondly, exercise is very important. Because the stress hormone cortisol is one reason that fat develops around the middle, exercise is crucial not only for its fat burning properties but also bercause it has been shown to reduce stress. When males reduce stress in their lives, it is easier to lose belly fat.

So anything you can do to reduce stress is one method of how to get rid of belly fat for men. The more stress-free you are, the easier it will be. Your exercises should target your whole body, not just your abdomen. This means that you are going to want to do a weight regimen that works as many muscle groups as you can if you’re male. Do full body stretches and don’t just focus on one part of the body like arms or legs.

You will want to be doing what is called core strength exercises. These exercises target your very core, but they alone will not help you lose belly fat. You will probably want to add in to your lunges and squats a series of yoga exercises or Pilates. This is a great method of how to get rid of belly fat for men.

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